Too often elected officials from both major parties seek to increase the tax burden on their citizenry instead of making hard choices to make cuts in unnecessary spending or provide their authorized service in a more cost effective manner. I will not vote to increase taxes of any kind, and will fight to lower the taxes already in place. There are other states who are able to have no income tax, Utah should look to accomplish the same thing.


One of the biggest problems faced in the classroom today is the excessive need to test and thus the need to teach for testing. Teachers should have more control to tailor lessons to the needs of their own classroom. Better funding for classrooms is needed, and can be accomplished without increasing taxes. Legislators who are not educators need to shut up and listen to educators about what real solutions look like.

Free Market

Economies flourish the most when they are unhampered and unconstrained by government regulation. The use of licensing has too often been used as a device to unnaturally create unfair and unwise barriers of entry into the market. All licensing requirements need to be reviewed and reduced where possible. Fair competition brings the best products at the best prices to consumers, when the government interferes in this it only makes the cost higher for consumers.

I’m Daniel Holloway, and I’m running for Utah House District 74.


The Democratic Republic that our founding fathers established works best to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” when there are real options for whom to vote. Usually, our options, are between one group that wants big government to benefit them, and another that says they want smaller government but consistently votes for bigger government that benefits them. Those are not quality options! 

I am running because we the people of Utah House District 74 deserve better than what we have been getting!

I am not a career politician. I am not a part of the good ol’ boys group that seems to dominate in our local politics. I am first and foremost a husband and father to 3 amazing children, a friend, a neighbor, and like a majority of you an employee who works hard for every paycheck. I sit in frustration  like many of you wondering how I’m going to be able to make my paycheck stretch even further every time our legislators convene and vote to raise our taxes again. It’s almost as if they aren’t really concerned about the people they are sworn to serve, and seek to grow their own power and influence over those from whom their power to govern derive. 

My pledges to you when I'm elected

I will not vote for any tax increases

I will work diligently to pass legislation to end asset forfeiture

I will defend our 2nd Amendment rights

I will introduce more repeal bills then new bills

I will vote to protect an individual’s right to life

I will seek to reduce government spending and return surpluses to the people

I will protect our public resources against mismanagement and irresponsible neglect

I will work to repeal S.B. 54, aka Count My Vote

I will defend against Federal overreach into our state

I will champion free-market capitalism and fight over-regulation at every level

I will stand up for the rights of all Utahns, not just those who look, think or pray like me

I will demonstrate that the message of Liberty does not stop at any one party’s bounds

I will ALWAYS put principle over party

I see the goodness that is in people.

I see the goodness that is in people. I know that we are safest when we are allowed to be free, and I want to unleash that goodness. It has been locked up under the burden of an over reaching government who has been too focused on trying to legislate morals instead of protecting infringements on life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness/property. Let’s make Utah a shining light to rest of the Union, showing how less government and more liberty brings out the best that is in us! I want to give you the option of a quality candidate you can actually get behind. Together, let’s make freedom ring here in Utah!